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For Merchants and Consumers in a nutshell:

  • Make- and Receive Online payments
  • Buy and Sell Coins directly
  • Support for all crypto currencies like BitCoin
  • 24x7 operational support for customers
  • Pay out in currency of choice
  • Free service: T-Zero instant Crypto payment technology
  • SSL Certificate
    SSL Certificate

Your advantages with Charnawallet in a nutshell:

  • Fully functional web wallet
  • Best possible exchange rates
  • Multiple crypto coin trading pairs
  • Real time balance sheet and dashboard
  • Full REAPI Support for your site and application
  • Personal Data encryption for high anonymity function
  • Autonomy mode
  • SSL Certificate
    SSL Certificate
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Wallet Services

Secure Cloud
1% to fiat
We manage your key
Unlimited Transactions
All services
Fully Insured
Big Crypto Currencies
1% to fiat
You manage the key
We Support It
All services
Partnership option
All Crypto Currencies

Interesting topics

FAQ page

Hi there, you can download our latest FAQ powerpoint here: download

Github source locations

For your information, here are the GitHub wallet locations. Read On.. - The Crypto payment provider you can trust.